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Why are you here?

Perhaps you are here out of curiosity… But maybe there is a confident side of you that is looking for effective techniques that will help you to maintain your emotional health, develop your interpersonal relationships and foster well-being in your community and work environment.

Who else knows any better about your well-being than you do yourself?

Imagine what it would be like to find a single solution to your problems and concerns! Have you noticed that all you need is to have someone listen to you; someone who can help you discover hope and develop a good mood and active wellbeing?

Are you aware that therapy is about developing fantastic and meaningful rapport – and that fantastic and meaningful rapport is a crucial aspect of the relationship that develops between a therapist and his or her client?

It’s true. Rapport is essential to a positive therapist-client relationship and aims to arrive at a position of mutual trust and respect. In other words: a client must feel safe and relaxed. For this reason every good therapist will help to create a supportive and relaxing environment. At your GP Surgery you must prefer one doctor over another; the same goes for choosing a therapist. Never be afraid to shop around and remember that you are going to choose the right person for you and your personal needs.

A consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss your concerns; imagine what you could achieve if you were able to overcome your fears and negative emotions? Do you know that you can master these? Simply talking about your anxieties could help you to turn these limitations into opportunities for personal development and wellbeing.

This means that you will play an active role in your therapy; where you can learn, practice and apply effective life skills – and will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. But you are free to decide if this is right for you. The decision as to whether you use therapy is completely in your hands. You should never feel pressured into therapy. Instead it should offer you an opportunity to heal and grow. In the right environment you will always decide what is best for you. So don’t feel obliged to use this service – but do think of how relieved you might feel to have someone there who can help.

All information is strictly confidential.