Statins are Killers

Addressing Gout

Mental Illness and Supplements

The Cancer…Myth

The Secret Killers

The Milk Myth – (Part 1) – Nestle’

The Milk Myth – (Part 2) – Breastfeeding

The Milk Myth – (Part 3) – Cow’s Milk 

Blood Tests – Ask for your copy

Why only blood tests? 

Diabetes – Become aware of facts

GPs are Pimps

All about Herpes

The Prostate [Cancer]

Thyroid – Myths and Legends (Part 1)

Thyroid – Myths and Legends (Part 2)

A…cup of tea


Erectile dysfunction (ED) – (Part 1)

Erectile dysfunction (ED) – (Part 2)

Statins – Erosion of Public confidence

Head of Nutrition and Dietetics UCLH, London

TMJ Syndrome

Prostate and Charities

Chemotherapy – trusting the “system”