Useful Reading

BBC, Radio 4, Dr Atul Gawande, Lecture 1: Why do Doctors Fail?

Causes and Recovery in Anorexia Nervosa: The Patient’s Perspective, by Federica Tozzi

Empathy and the Healing Relationship

Evidence Based Coaching – by Michael Cavanagh, Anthony M. Grant, Travis Kemp

Psychology 101 

The Imaginary, Jean Paul SARTRE

Studies of the relationship between Communication Apprehension and Self-Esteem [James McCroskey]

Does watching TV makes us happy?  [Bruno S. Frey]

Journal of Affective Disorders – “Implementation of psychological therapies for anxiety and depression in routine practice: Two year prospective cohort study” – by David A. Richards; Gunilla Borglin [2011]

The British Psychological Society – Code of Ethics and Conduct

Beliefs: Pathways to health and well-being