I am in a unique position to improve the performance, the effectiveness and the working environment of today’s businesses, organisations and employees. 

My approach has become a popular way for companies and individuals to assist and develop talent – to enable both individual and corporate clients to achieve their full potential. Research studies suggest that the combination of multi-source feedback and individual coaching do increase leadership effectiveness up to 75% [source: Coutu & Kauffman, 2009].

With over thirty-five years experience in psychology, marketing, management and body language, I improve performance by applying leading objective psychological techniques, which will help your organisation select and develop outstanding people and build effective teams.  

My work is based on the premise that within any organisation there is a great deal of untapped potential – and that by aligning people, process and strategy, non value-add activity can be eliminated. 

I help organisations translate robust strategic thinking into effective strategic actions; working with issues of culture, leadership, management practices, structure, skills and mindset and the way these factors impact that particular level. I offer multiple, specialised Occupational Psychology (OP) services to organisations and their employees.  Whether you need an assessment of possible learning difficulty or support after a traumatic event, I can help.  

I work with a wide range of organisations including small to medium businesses, retail, hospitality, public sector bodies, not for profit organisations and multi-national corporations, attending to the inherent challenges in each. 

I can tailor make OP solutions for employers, from one-off occupational assessment to larger organisations who may be looking for a range of OP services on a contractual basis.

Improvements in corporate governance – and in particular in the effectiveness of the Board – help companies manage risk and navigate an increasingly complex environment as they work to build a long term sustainable business. Sound governance structures support the work to enhance good team processes in the Board and our development interventions ensure individual Board members have the appropriate skills and support as they take up their role. My work can result in your Board achieving the difficult balance of providing adequate scrutiny and challenge whilst having a highly productive relationship with your Executive Team.  

I am largely concerned with improving organisations rapidly by helping individuals develop their performance and behaviour through tailor made, goal orientated learning. I understand the need for confidentiality and neutrality and my services can be fitted around even the busiest of work schedules. 

Selecting the right person for the job is difficult in the current market which has an excess of supply of suitability qualified people for the job. Yet making the wrong decision is always very costly for organisations so pre-employment screening is an investment which pays for itself.

I provide expert help in psychological profiling by gathering objective information on the candidate’s personality, behaviour, job performance and background. 

I help people discover the impact their leadership style has on others and specific changes they can make to become more effective. I work with the self limiting beliefs people hold and tailor ways to help them develop more empowering beliefs and behaviours.

With the ability to apply work and academic skills, my contribution to any organization’s success will comprise of improving the performance, motivation, job satisfaction, occupational health and safety, as well as the overall health and well-being, of its employees. I can focus and accomplish tasks on low-morale, human relations, poor craftsmanship, unresponsiveness, job security, esteem, recognition, team work, leadership and self-actualisation. These will also allow me to act upon various other skills including human judgment, objective work performance, talent management, coaching, assessment, selection, training, organizational development, well-being and work-life balance. 

Individuals, who are looking for their next job, benefit tremendously from my careers counselling service. Many of the candidates that I work with require help in deciding whether to change career and what their strengths and areas for development are. I work with each individual to compile powerful applications, curriculum vitae and cover letters and provide individual outplacement support.