Corporate Charges


Assertiveness – Assurance – Confidence – High Morale

Psychologists study people’s behaviour, motivations, thoughts and feelings, to help them overcome or control their problems.


Groups welcome – concessions available

  • Become aware of your own communicative habits and learn how to be physically confident and present through a body, visual and vocal training.
  • Develop assertiveness, clarity of thought and intention.
  • Explore and take control of the key elements of communication through Therapeutic Use of Metaphors and source, message, encoding, channel, decoding, receiver, feedback and context.
  • Learn how to access your confident state anytime.
  • Learn how to be more attractive, influential and persuasive.
  • Learn how to think confidently by working on your belief system and emotional intelligence through Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Coaching techniques.
  • Learn strategies to manage emotional states and face fear of public speaking.
  • Release your tension through professional techniques (including Breathing and Thai chi).
  • Understand how to take more risks and make better decisions.
  • Use Voice intonation, pace, pause pitch, variation, volume.
  • Work on your body language and posture, physical state, position and relationship to other bodies, objects and surroundings, facial expressions and eye movements.

We can focus on any of the above steps and interventions for:

  • business and social meetings,
  • CV structuring,
  • job interviews,
  • management skills,
  • negotiating,
  • aid concentration,
  • positive impact on sport activities,
  • relationships,
  • speech, public anxiety, …and more.



How colours, typefaces and spacing will turn website viewers into users!

Because web design needs to have an influence over people’s behaviour the psychology of colours can help businesses to create “positive” websites. Pattern recognition is a cognitive process during which we look at a stimulus, and try to match it with what we already know. Design patterns are a way of documenting a common solution to a design problem. Users have expectations, they don’t see the patterns but their sum, and use prior knowledge of rules to guide their interactions. They look for these in what we’ve built that match up to past experiences with similar products or sites.

Should you come with ready texts and layouts, one hour will suffice.


BUSINESSES (Solutions)

If you are a Business Owner who is interested in growing your business then my solutions will be the answers to your problems.

Companies need to diversify their thinking, to have different perspectives and generate enough ideas to effectively solve problems and continuously improve/innovate in all areas. Even, or actually just when matters are going very well, businesses need to be aware that the tide may turn and it will be wise to be ready to modify patterns.  For any business, would this be a new or a current business concern the vision or the assistance of an outsider can be fundamental to kick-start, restart and be ready to change trading to the maximum potential. Sometimes when we are too involved in our company we lose sight of what is needed to keep going. A Business plan is a theoretical assessment of ‘things to come’ but, unless this is professionally done, shortcomings unfortunately lurk around the corner. In theory, several rules can be applied to a new business to ensure future success. However, unless one is able to implement some lateral thinking and progress with a wider vision and understanding of the demanding market place, results could be catastrophic and dreams could soon shatter. Growth strategies must be part of any business solution to avoid stalemate situations, where the business struggles to even break even. Small changes are, in most cases, all that is missing to bring back a declining business.

In a fiercely competitive world, the survivors and winners are those that recognize their special strengths and adapt. But, equally, also acknowledge the importance of partnership and alliances, aware that one alone cannot expect to have the expertise and resources to solve every problem, grasp every opportunity, and meet every challenge. © Copyright, A.B.M. Procaccini

Are any of these issues of concern to you?

  • A proactive and solution based workforce
  • Being able to leverage the new coaching approach in your customer/client interactions
  • Being better able to work with colleagues from different backgrounds, environments and cultures
  • Better collaborative working skills with peers through improved coaching conversations
  • Communication
  • Dealing better with difficult situations and conversations
  • Determine Business Requirements
  • Discover Skills and Strategies to Create Invincible Business Advantage
  • Exceed your customer’s satisfaction & expectations
  • Helping to find powerful solutions to problems
  • Improved client management
  • Improved delegation
  • Increased customer / client satisfaction by having a higher performing team
  • Increased engagement levels, which leads to reduced attrition
  • Increased team performance
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Know and recognise your capacities and potentials
  • Know your audience
  • Learning to ‘manage up’ by asking better questions
  • Turning around poor performance
  • Understanding your customer’s needs

When a business starts to decline many managers or owners fail to see and understand why the business is declining. Some are lacking focus, don’t listen to customers (beware even of the “silent” customers – watch body language), follow or believe the wrong advice, have poor organisational skills, can’t keep staff, lack of communication, not looking at ways to improve and they cannot anticipate market change. It is also difficult to capture the latest trends, the latest technologies, the latest policies, the up to date legislations and consequently the business declines and ultimately fails. This can happen with businesses of any size.

It is my job and experience that will allow me to also help you define your company focus, build a philosophy, create accounts and project management, and lots more. I only work in those areas (business and location) in which I flourish. You and I are very busy and I see no point in draining our time and resources by working outside boundaries. For this reason, I like to meet my clients for a coffee and initial “chat” and to see whether we’d be a good fit for each other.