Confidence in the service

Every person is unique, and different people require different kinds of help.
Imagine spending a fraction of your time to improve your wellbeing and to be able to get results, faster. Most people would like to feel fitter or more relaxed, perhaps better organised, or simply feel more alive or happier.
Imagine the life you want to live – let me help you live it. I will help you overcome fears or to reprogram certain unhelpful habits and behaviours.
My mission is to guide people, just like you, to heal the past, to shape the future and to live more fully, right now.
By using a combination of varied techniques, drawn from Counselling Psychology, Hypnotherapy and NLP, to name a few; I work very directly with you to train your mind, to help you to stop engaging in unwanted automated thinking, to learn to be more flexible in your expectations, feelings and behaviours, and, most importantly, to help you to aim yourself in more useful directions. It is very much a combination of advice, coaching, education, and training.
We learn things very easily, including negative thinking and behaviours. These behaviours become automatic as we repeat them over and over. I can help you to ‘unlearn’, or reprogram, certain unhelpful habits and behaviours. I will be your personal mental trainer aiming at a combination of advice, coaching and education. Your own sort of personal upgrade!
My aim, as a Counselling Psychologist, is to provide the most efficient, varied and effective counselling, psychological therapy and coaching that I can. My varied background, experience and passion for helping people, combined with the cutting edge technology of NLP, Coaching and Nutrition, makes me the right choice for you.
I have several years experience in helping people overcoming a multitude of issues including anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, weight loss and gain, phobias, fears, low self esteem, drug, alcohol and other addictions, gambling, insomnia, traumas, anger management and bad habits. The list goes on.
Highly intuitive, compassionate and open minded, I will show you how to press your ‘reset’ button to start your new life. I can help people stand aside from their usual way of thinking so that they can tell the difference between what is actually being perceived and felt in the current situation and what is a residue from the past – while starting to look positively into the future.
By working with you, I will assist you to change your life very quickly, very positively and very powerfully via mind and body connection.
I am passionate about changing lives and whether you have a specific goal that you want to achieve, or if you feel lost in life with no sense of purpose or direction, I can also coach you to find your true potential. It is just like ‘raising the bar’. You will be amazed how good you will feel when you get rid of those little irritations, or change those unwanted beliefs.
I have a personal specialism in reversing the negative long-term effects of stress and anxiety and how that impacts on establishing and maintain optimal health with individuals from all walks of life, including business executives, those experiencing long-term or chronic illness and disease.
My services are available during the daytime and in the evenings. My Fees reflect that I spend at least a further 60 minutes of my professional time on your case outside of the clinic appointment.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information about the psychological therapy and coaching services that I provide.