Psychologist and Marketeer

Does your business sell a product or provide a service?

Do you want more people to purchase what you offer?

Sales and marketing is all about understanding and effectively interacting with clients. If you don’t understand people, you will miss some very important opportunities to assure that your organization is as effective as possible, and that you are reaching your consumers as effectively as possible.

Psychology covers the tactics of influence and persuasion.

In today’s global marketplace where competitive edges may be few and far between, applied psychology can be the key to ensuring a business is working at maximum productivity and efficiency.

The vast majority of marketeers aren’t psychologists. But many successful marketeers regularly employ psychology to develop new concepts to apply to consumers.

I am a Psychologist… and a Marketeer.

It is my job, with many years of experience, to research how to make people and organisations become more effective.

Fact: psychology and marketing have always gone hand in hand.

  • Consumer psychology is the study of why people buy things.
  • Consumer behaviour is all about the way people buy and use products and services.
  • Consumer marketing is defined as creating and selling products, goods and services to individual buyers.

As a psychologist I find the underlying cognitive processes that explain consumers’ choices and how they respond to the influence of marketing, as well as the external stimuli that convince people to purchase certain items or use specific services.

Also, as an occupational psychologist I can improve the performance of people at work and in training, and how individuals and groups behave at work. This means maximising staff performance, retaining employees (low turnover costs) and increasing productivity.

My objective is to help organisations achieve business goals, be that increased profits, reduced losses, increased worth of the Firm or create customers’ confidence. Such persuasive power comes from consistently providing information, value and solutions to an audience.